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Comfort by mild radiant heat

          A no-draught and comfortably warmed up living and working environment is a condition for the satisfaction and health of humans. The thermal comfort is reached if humans feel well in the area. He feels thereby
a pleasant warmth, which surrounds him gently, without him having to deplore course features, the feeling of cold environment surfaces or of dry air. Only a large heat surface with a low surface temperature can produce this ideal condition. Floor and walls are suited for it. They function according to the principle of the radiant heat, which humans feel like mild sunbeams in spring as particularly pleasant.
          The mild temperatures of the environment surfaces provide for this ideal radiation reconciliation. The Harreither Ovalrohr unites the favorable shifting characteristics of a 17 mm round pipe and the larger heat emission of a 21 mm round pipe. Euroval® comes additionally with optimized geometry and improves thereby the heat emission - an ideal mixture, which brings a increased control speed and a reduced inlet temperature at the same time with same shifting density with itself.

The Euroval® effect

          Improved geometry optimizes the heat emission of the important vertical and longitudinal flanks. Thus the soil temperature between the pipes is comparison-moderated. Inlet temperatures of 30 - 35° are sufficient to supply areas with comfortable radiant heat.

The unsurpassed advantages

- healthy, comfortable room climate by even heat distribution
- patented, oval high-quality inlets improve Euroval® heated floor
- optimal, comfort meeting demand by Maeander modulation
- pipes with larger distance are shifted through the smaller inlet

           temperature in the best way   for alternative energies   suitably. Thus the heat pump   works more economically.
- even heat distribution and   small surface temperatures   are responsible for the mild   radiant heat
- a long time life span, free   spatial arrangement,   noiseless enterprise
- high working reliability, very   good controllability.

 Tel/Fax. 0362407738,  RO +40.721.530725, AUT +43.664.4011314
 Satu-Mare: Tel/Fax. +40.262.266248   e-mail:office@ipd-tec.com
Sediul: Independentei 45 437155 Farcasa Jud. Maramures
Filiala Satu-Mare: Botizului 139 3900 Satu Mare Jud. Satu Mare